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Pharma Sales Rep Profile: Lashauna Barboza - Part 2

victorious female sales rep

Pharma Sales Rep Profile: Lashauna Barboza - Part 2

This is Part 2 of 2 in our series profiling pharma sales rep, Lashauna Barboza. In this update, we ask questions whose responses delve deeper into what it takes to be a successful pharmaceutical sales rep. I'm confident this will help many of you who have asked me how you break into the industry. 
(As of the time of this writing, Ms. Barboza has been ranked as the #1 District Leader for 11 out of 13 weeks. She also won a National Sales Award giving her an All-Expense paid trip to Mexico in October 2012.)

Pharmaceutical Sales Success: Do Looks Really Matter?

attractive female pharma rep

All things being equal are you more likely to buy something from a more attractive or less attractive person?

One of the common misconceptions about pharmaceutical sales reps is that they are all extremely attractive. Whether male or female this misconception persists for several reasons. While many pharma sales reps tend to be seen as very attractive by their peers and associates. There are many who are as average looking as in any other profession. BUT, I do believe their is a correlation between "perceived attractiveness" and success in business. This applies even more so to pharma sales. Think about it, all things being equal are you more likely to purchase a product from a more attractive or less attractive person? Of course, the salesperson's looks should not matter BUT in many instances perceived attractiveness makes a difference in from whom AND whether or not a prospect purchase a particular product or service.

Top 3 Ways to Get A Physician-Customer to Switch To Your Drug

getting the md to switch

What are the Top 3 Ways to Get A Physician-Customer to Switch To Your Drug?

One of the primary challenges sales representatives have in their sales role is getting a customer who is using their competitor's product to SWITCH to using THEIR PRODUCT. Every industry, product, and niche has their own process for getting a customer to switch. I will discuss the top 3 best practices for getting a physician customer to switch to your product in the pharmaceutical sales industry.

3 Things to Consider When Choosing a Pharma Company

water pipeline, pharmaceutical company pipeline, drug company pipeline

1-PIPELINE, PIPELINE, PIPELINE – Choose a company with a promising pipeline.

So, WTH is Pharmaceutical Sales?

what is pharmaceutical sales, pharma rep detailing doctors

So, WTH is pharmaceutical sales?

3 Drug Rep Traits that Pharma Sales Hiring Managers Love!

Drug Rep Traits-Documented Sales Success

Drug Rep Tips Revealed | Pharmaceutical sales tips

Tip 1: Documented Sales Success

Documented Sales Success – Why must you show documented sales success? You must show documented sales success because the logic of behavioral interviewing goes: if you have done it before (that is: produce SALES on a consistent basis), you can do it again. Your objective is to show how and why you were one of the top sales reps in your past roles. Showing your sales results from the past PROVE IT.

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